Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Subway Art

Subway art is very popular right now. I have purchased a couple of signs with fun/inspirational sayings on them. I have one in my bedroom that begins with "Wake Up Smiling" and I have one in the living room that includes "Create Something Every Day" and "Snuggle as Much as Possible". All things which I strive to do. Anyway, there are a lot of great subway art signs out there you can buy. But today I want to share a sign that I made myself. You may have noticed it in the photo of the vinyl alphabet I put up in my son's room. If you missed that post, you can find it here.

Here is the sign that I made.

I started with an 8" x 24" canvas and painted it with dark chocolate acrylic paint. Then I cut the words and images from vinyl. They are all from a cutter file by Chris Durnan (which you can find here). The file cut so beautifully! I love cutting vinyl. It was a little tricky adhering the vinyl to the canvas because the vinyl didn't really want to stick to it. I couldn't use transfer tape so I ended up sticking all of the pieces on by hand. I learned later that you are supposed to let it sit for up to a week after painting before applying the vinyl. Next time I will try to wait the requisite time and see if it works better. It took longer having to apply the vinyl piece by piece, but it was well worth the effort. I just love how it turned out! After I was finished,  I sprayed a few coats of clear Krylon on top to hold the vinyl in place. That didn't really do the trick so I ended up applying a few coats of decoupage medium over the canvas. That seemed to seal it well.

* Tuesday Alchemy (Challenge #41 - Anything But a Card)

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  1. Wow - I find it astonishing that you applied all of the sayings by hand individually and got them so perfectly spaced and EVEN. That's amazing! And this is a fun, beautifully executed project that I'm so glad you shared with us at Tuesday Alchemy!